Capacity Management

Balance your team's workload, ensuring no one gets overwhelmed or underutilized. Plan and forecast strategically to stay proactive and prepared.

Avoid Staff Burnout, Underutilisation, Overstaffing or Last-minute Hires at Premium Rates.

Find the right balance—no more juggling overworked staff or idle hands. By planning your capacity smartly, you're not just saving on costs; you're building a happier, more efficient workplace. Say goodbye to the panic hires and hello to smooth operations.

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Capacity Planning is Forward-looking, whereas Timesheets Primarily Reflect the Past.

By focusing on planning, your team can shift their discussions towards improvements, rather than justifying how past time was spent.

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Yes. You can estimate time for entire tasks and subtasks. You can also estimate the time needed for tasks with multiple assigned team members. The total number of estimated hours will be divided by the number of team members contributing, with this number being attributed to each member.

Yes. The Planning takes into account estimate time based on the repeating schedule set on the task.

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