Boost teamwork with engaging comments, @mentions, and a unified Inbox. Make collaboration enjoyable and engaging in a seamless environment.

Better Teamwork, Alignment and Collaboration.

Ensure everyone stays in the loop with engaging comments, @mentions, client notes, task logs and a unified inbox.

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Inbox Notifications Keep you Informed About all Crucial Work Updates.

Receive automatic updates directly to your personalized inbox. Your inbox ensures you are kept up-to-date with all updates on tasks you’re connected to. You can view, respond to, and work on tasks right from your inbox, making for seamless team workflows.

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Assign Multiple Team Members to a Task for Seamless Collaboration.

Some tasks will have multiple people working on them. It is easy for teams to collaborate on work by assigning all necessary team members to a task. You can then assign specific members to certain subtasks for an even greater level of control.

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Multiple Task Assignees

Assign multiple team members to the same task and client to allow for seamless collaboration.

Assign Subtasks

Get specific with individual responsibilities by assigning team members to subtasks.

Activity Logs

Follow all task updates in order on the task activity log timeline.


Make sure your team members get the message by mentioning them directly in comments.


Comment directly on tasks to ensure all team members are kept in the loop.

Client Notes

Keep everyone up-to-date with any changes to client information by leaving notes.

Inbox Notifications

Never miss an important update with notifications sent directly to your personal inbox.


Yes. You can assign multiple team members to the same task. Each member can then log hours to that task. They will also receive all updates related to that project in their inbox. For capacity planning, the total number of estimated hours for the task will be evenly divided among each team member. 

The activity log is a place to keep everyone updated on the task status. If multiple people are working on the same task, they will inform each other of their progress by adding a comment to the activity log. If they need to get feedback or notify a particular team member, they can mention them directly in their comment.

You will automatically receive any project updates related to your assigned tasks. You can then view the task information from within the inbox to quickly respond to updates.

Yes. You can choose to view all updates in your inbox, or you can filter out archived updates.

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