Time Tracking

Optimize your workflow with time tracking for clients or tasks. Leverage data to uncover opportunities or extra billable time, enhancing profitability.

Seamless Time Tracking.

We understand not everyone loves to book time, so we have tried to make it as seamless as possible. With options for both a stopwatch timer and manual entry, it's designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in tracking the time relevant to your team.

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Add Billable and Cost Rates for Billing and Profitability Analysis.

Set up billable and cost rates to accurately bill clients and assess work profitability.

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Analyse Profitability and Identify Scope-creep, Bottlenecks and Opportunities.

Dive deep into your data to understand work and client profitability, team performance, and opportunities for additional billings.

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Simply set the timer to start recording in the background and automatically assign time worked.

Manually Time Entries

If you have been doing work off-platform, it is easy to manually add in working hours.

Assign Time to Clients

Every hour worked is attributed to a client. This information can be exported for quick invoicing.

Billable Rates

Add your team's billable rates to accurately and profitability bill for your work.

Cost Rates

Add your team's cost rates to calculate your work's profitability.


The time-tracking clock is always visible at the top of the screen, so you can start recording time from anywhere on the platform. Simply click the record button on the right-hand side of the search bar to start the timer. You will be able to view the clock in real time. To pause the timer, press the stop button. From here, you can resume timing, delete the time, or save the time to assign it to a task and client.

Yes. The recorded time will appear in the time log box, but you can adjust it just as you would if you inputted the time manually. 

By keeping an accurate log of the hours you have spent working on a client’s task, you will know how much to bill them for or add to a time sheet. This can be done manually, or automation can be set up through Make.com or Zapier.

Yes. If you have been doing client work off-platform, such as communicating with the client directly or having a team meeting, you can manually log this later. 

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