Work smarter, not harder. Streamline operations with Zapier integrations. Our adaptable API ensures tailored solutions are always accessible.

Connect with the Software you Already Love Using.

Set up integrations with all your favorite apps through Zapier, (via the API) or our API to automate repetitive tasks, for example adding a new client when a proposal is accepted.

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Use Zapier to Integrate Your Favourite Apps with Tidyflow.

Another way to connect popular apps is through Zapier. You simply use their drag-and-drop editor to create “Zaps," which are automated actions to transfer data between apps.

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API Integrations for More Custom Requirements.

Create API tokens from Tidyflow and build custom integrations without a developer using or other third party applications.

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API stands for Application Programming Interface. Simply put, it acts as a bridge that connects two pieces of software that allows them to talk and exchange information. In practice, it allows you to automate standard processes so you don’t have to carry out boring, repetitive tasks manually.

There are thousands of integrations available through Zapier and (via the API). An example would be to add a new client in Tidyflow when a proposal is accepted in your proposal software.

No. No programming knowledge is needed at all. Both platforms have a user-friendly drag-and-drop system that allows anyone to easily create custom integrations.

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