Client Portal

Streamline your client interactions with a portal for easy document sharing. Crafted to boost collaboration and instantly improve your client experience.

Clients can Access their Documents in One Central Place.

With all their documents in one central location, clients gain the freedom to access the information they need without the back-and-forth of emails. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also empowers your clients with instant access to their crucial documents, anytime, anywhere.

Product screenshot

Client Requests coming soon.

Soon you will be able to send automated client requests to collect information.

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Contacts can access the portal via

A Contact who is linked to multiple Clients will be able to access the various Clients in the Portal, without needing a separate login for each.

Clients are the entities or businesses that you are providing services for, be it a business or an individual. For example, Blue Apple Consulting Corp, who you prepare monthly accounting for.

Contacts are all the people you interact with. They could be the owners, employees that work for the business, or even auditors.

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